Review: Coil – UnWrapped at the Sydney Opera House (NSW)

“Streaming killed the video store”, and re:group performance collective are determined to pay homage to the communal space of adventure, possibility, camaraderie that was the aisles of Leading Edge or Blockbuster or the many others lost to time across Australia. Coil is an innovative and semi-autobiographical piece of “live cinema”, in which Steve Wilson-Alexander and Carly Young play themselves, and Solomon Thomas follows them with a camera to capture tiny snippets of footage that they edit together onstage and then later play together as parts of a larger film. Read the full review now.

Review: HOW TO LIVE (After You Die) – UnWrapped at Sydney Opera House (NSW)

Following a serene, transporting minute of scene-setting music, renowned filmmaker and artist Lynette Wallworth entered the stage and welcomed us into the landscape of a section of personal history that she had held close for a long time. “Some stories are like family,” she explained, “you have to look after them for a long time before allowing them out into the world.” It was a striking way to begin, and gently but clearly informed us that it took great vulnerability to create the work we were about to experience. Read the full review now!