Review: Come Rain or Come Shine – Melbourne Theatre Company (VIC)

Come Rain or Come Shine is a new musical by Melbourne Theatre Company. It’s an adaption of a novella by Kazuo Ishiguro about friendship, time and music. There were lots of little things I loved in Come Rain or Come Shine: A short song about the joys of lovers swapping stories after they get off work, A joke about an idealistic young person who thinks “people in the third world should get paid” and the work of the performers (Gillian Cosgriff in particular) and the design team tenderly reflecting on how time changes us as people. Read the full review now.

Review: BACK TO M.A. – Kings Cross (NSW)

There’s been no shortage over the years of complex, fraught and thorny mother/daughter relationships in Hollywood and on Broadway – from the real life memoir about Joan by Christina Crawford, to hard-to-please Aurora and daughter Emma in Terms of Endearment, to the baleful Margaret White in Carrie, and you could even include Mrs Bates (although strictly speaking Norman is not the right gender in Psycho). Read the full review now.

Review: SIX the Musical – Comedy Theatre Melbourne (VIC)

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. When it comes to the stories of Henry VIII’s wives, most of us will only be familiar with these one-word summaries of their harrowing fates. In their Tony-award-winning, tour de force musical, SIX, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss have sought to rectify the injustices of historic female representation. Relying on the politically charged and socially precarious Tudor times as a framework, Marlow and Moss set the standard for empowering women’s voices and allow them to tell their own side of the story. Read the full review now!

Review: The Sweet Science of Bruising – Theatre Travels Productions (NSW)

Theatre Travels Productions and One Good Act transport us back to 1869 Victorian London, to a theatre where only the strongest survive. Four very different women from four very different walks of life are brought into the dark underground world of female boxing; the result being unexpected freedom beyond the constraints of their corsets and the patriarchal world. Playwright Joy Wilkinson’s The Sweet Science of Bruising weaves a comical and tragic and tale that resonates beyond its setting. Read the full review now!

Review: Daddy Developed a Pill – Kings Cross Theatre (NSW)

With limericks, prolapses and secret doors galore, Daddy Developed a Pill is a frantic farce that explores everyone’s need to impress the Daddies in their lives. Cynthia, a blue-feathery-pyjama-ed young girl, makes limericks with her Daddy any chance she gets. Then, Daddy develops a pill that makes him rich and takes him away from Mummy and Cynthia. Cynthia grows up to become a pill-taking, rich, self-indulgent darling girl, and develops her own pill to impress Daddy. Read the full review now!

Review: Coil – UnWrapped at the Sydney Opera House (NSW)

“Streaming killed the video store”, and re:group performance collective are determined to pay homage to the communal space of adventure, possibility, camaraderie that was the aisles of Leading Edge or Blockbuster or the many others lost to time across Australia. Coil is an innovative and semi-autobiographical piece of “live cinema”, in which Steve Wilson-Alexander and Carly Young play themselves, and Solomon Thomas follows them with a camera to capture tiny snippets of footage that they edit together onstage and then later play together as parts of a larger film. Read the full review now.

Review: Hercules – Arts House (VIC)

There are two Hercules in modern canon. The Hercules who overcomes 12 incredible labors, a proto-superman who has come to be synonymous with strength, power and heroism. Then there is the Hercules who murdered his wife and children in a fit of madness, a madness he blames on the gods and spends the rest of his life seeking redemption. Hercules by the Daniel Schlusster Ensemble (DSE) is a play about these men and their use to us. Read the full review now.