Kings Cross Theatre

Attempts On Her Life – KXT Theatre (NSW)

Attempts on Her Life marks the last show at the Kings Cross Theatre before the hosting company, Bakehouse, moves to Broadway (whoever scored this spot deserves a pay rise) and continues their longstanding commitment to developing independent theatre. For a final goodbye, Montague Basement presents a stellar production that shows the possibility of what independent theatre can achieve. Read the full review now!

Review: U.B.U, A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe – Kings Cross Theatre (NSW)

In a gloriously bonkers 120 minutes of theatrical perfection, U.B.U: A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe throws Alice in Wonderland, the top three Shakespearean tragedies[1], Sesame Street, An Inconvenient Truth and a good helping of fart and poo jokes into a blender and fcucks them right up. If that sounds like the best thing you’ll see in Sydney theatres all year, find me on Instagram because we need to be friends. Read the full five star review now!