Author name: Theatre Thoughts Team

Hydrarchos – Sydney Fringe Festival (NSW)

Playing at the Flight Path Theatre as part of Sydney’s Fringe Festival, Hydrarchos revolves around a legendary Sea Serpent Skeleton of the same name. Historically, the legendary serpent was supposedly discovered by Albert Karl Koch in the 19th century. This grand archaeological find turned out to be a hoax however, but it is the significance this made in the 19th Century and its ripple effect that writer Grace Davidson Lynch has chosen to focus on, with mixed results. Read our theatre thoughts now!

Chain Play – Sydney Fringe Festival (NSW)

Slanted Theatre is only one and a half years old, but they’re already making a difference.  This is their fourth production in such a short time, and it’s enlivening for an audience to watch Asian theatre-makers just doing their thing. Chain Play is a cleverly conceived pair of short plays that have been written by a slew of over 20 people.  Each writer had to create one scene, and they could only read the scene just before theirs. The results are not as mad as you might think. Read our theatre thoughts now!


Everyone has one of those friends who is always late, or stands you up at the last minute, but somehow you stay friends with them while bitterly complaining about how hopeless they are. Jon Walpole’s friend, Tim, inflicts the ultimate standing-up – he doesn’t turnup for their two-man show. In true show biz style, Walpole says the show must go on, and so it does, with Jon performing both his and Tim’s roles. Read our full theatre thoughts.