Author name: Charlotte Smee

I'm Charlotte and I write poetry and theatre reviews. You can find me in any theatre wearing something pink, with some kind of gin in hand.

Tom at the Farm – Kings Cross Theatre (NSW)

Danny Ball makes his directorial debut at the Kings Cross Theatre in the Australian premiere of Tom at the Farm. Originally written in French by Michel Marc Bouchard, and adapted into a Canadian film in 2013, it follows big city advertising editor Tom as he visits the family farm of his recently deceased partner Guillame. Tom pretends he is “just” one of Guillame’s co-workers, telling stories of fake girlfriend Natalie and waiting to reveal his secret, until he comes up against Guillame’s violently homophobic brother Francis. What follows is a disturbing exploration of grief, homophobia and the lies that queer people must construct to protect themselves. Read the full review now.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (NSW)

Belvoir and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra came together to bless the newly renovated Sydney Opera House Concert Hall with fairies, lovers, and clowns galore in the beloved classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Eamon Flack’s adaptation strips away much of Shakespeare’s original dialogue, giving Mendelssohn’s 1842 incidental music a rare chance to take centre stage and shoulder the weight of creating Shakespeare’s best-known waking dream. Read the full review now!

Whitefella Yella Tree – SBW Stables Theatre (NSW)

Whitefella Yella Tree is one of those great Australian works that expertly toes the line between heartfelt, hilarious, and harrowing. Ty (Callan Purcell) and Neddy (Guy Simon) are teenagers at the dawn of colonisation, tasked with meeting every blue moon under a lemon tree and sharing information between the River Mob and Mountain Mob. They weave stories together, and a romance blossoms. Read the full review now.

Ugly Love – Flight Path Theatre (NSW)

In Ugly Love, or what my friends and I have dubbed “Polyamory the Musical”, a couple who’ve been married for nine years find they’ve fallen into a rut. The only way out is to open up their relationship; and when Jess (LJ Wilson) meets the enchanting songstress Lola (Cypriana Singh) at a local queer bar things get…complicated. With poppy, ear-wormy songs, and some shining moments of comedy and connection – this show tackles the weight of a complex topic with a light-hearted approach. Read the full review now!

Burn Witch Burn – Fervour Theatre, Old Fitz (NSW)

Burn Witch Burn is an adaptation of an adaptation of an adaptation, that revels in the witchy, the dark, and the act of translation. Based on the 1962 horror film Night of the Eagle, which is in turn based on the novel Conjure Wife by Fritz Leiber, this theatrical version leans sometimes too far into the world of imagery and theatrics to create a very beautiful journey to somewhere we aren’t sure we’ve arrived. Read the full review now!

Review: M.Rock – The Rebel Theatre (NSW)

After playing in collaboration with Sydney Theatre Company in 2014, M.Rock returns to the Sydney stage at ATYP’s Rebel Theatre. Valerie Bader reprises her role as Mabel Mudge, the adventuring grandma who traipses around Africa and Europe to find her young granddaughter after she doesn’t return home from her pre-uni party trip. Instead of finding her granddaughter, Mabel finds herself, and becomes the hottest new DJ in Berlin – “M.Rock”. Read the full review now!