Just Super – Melbourne Fringe Festival (VIC)

Created and Performed by Eddie Pattison

Reviewed by Martha “MJ” Latham

Rating: 5 out of 5.

07 – 23 Oct
Festival Hub: Trades Hall – The Boardroom
Tickets: https://melbournefringe.com.au/event/just-super/

What does it take to make good theatre? A set? A dramaturg? The hero’s journey? Just Super by Eddie Pattison proves it only takes some passion, a room with lights, access to Google Slides and a bachelor’s degree.

The show was so incredibly lovely. It was in the very fashionable modern style of performance I call “enby blends stand-up with an info-dump”. (looking at you Scout Boxall and Hannah Gadsby). Pattison leads us through their personality, their fears and boldly allows themselves to be misgendered, all in service of a greater cause (though I hope they soon figure out a way around the latter).

That greater cause is to teach us about the incredible world of SuperForecasters; an incredible group who are able to marginally predict the future through the use of an incredibly stringent set of rules and regulations. In many ways, SuperForecasters seem a little bit like a cult, but the good kind, the kind with a good message at its heart that doesn’t require its members to abandon their loved ones.

What makes Pattison’s show feel so wonderful is the set of ancient recordings that are played throughout. Recordings of their friends and family ranking Pattinson’s personality traits to determine whether or not they have what it takes to become a SuperForcaster themselves. It’s a funny bit that only becomes a little repetitive towards the very end of the piece, and Pattison thankfully is able to realise this, rushing through the last 3 personality traits.

What makes the show worth seeing is Pattison’s absolutely blissful stage presence. They are genuinely so joyous on stage that it feels like you’re just listening to your neurodivergent friend wax on about whatever new thing they watched a 5 hour YouTube video essay on. That ability to connect with a group of strangers, to vulnerably let them into your world and gently guide them (and yourself) through it. That’s what it takes to make good theatre.

And to be honest, I doubt Pattison learned how to do that at University. I feel like if Pattison had asked their friends and family to rate them on their ability to perform, they would’ve said…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Created and Performed by: Eddie Pattison
Dramaturg: George Lazaris
Composer: Samantha Andrew

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