Audrey Clark: Stinky Pig Gets Rich – Sydney Fringe Festival

Written and Performed by Audrey Clark

Reviewed by Justin Clarke

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

September 30th
The Container – Factory Theatre

Writer, actress and comedienne Audrey Clark wants to be rich, and she’ll find any way possible to make it happen. Throughout an hour of comedy, Clark works her magic to persuade you to “swoosh” some cash her way. Blending stand-up, original songs and readings of gothic fiction, Clark refuses to resort to cancel culture jokes unless she absolutely must and (spoilers) she may just have to!

Beginning the performance with voice messages revolving around debts owed by Clark, the premise of her being a “stinky pig” is established. Water and gas companies hoot over the debt owed to them over cocktails, Centrelink approves her benefits and then swiftly pivots in a vulgar fashion. She’s the embodiment of a starving artist.

Clark littered the seats with QR codes for a Tipping App, with an overall goal of $1,000,000 being raised by the end of the show. There were some frugal hands amongst the audience which made the joke all the funnier. $1 tips were thrown her way with Clark sourly showing the immensity of wealth via a goal saving board. Each time the marker hit the cardboard and a tiny smidge of red was left just above the $0 felt oddly like schadenfreude and Clark worked it with ease.

Clark proved herself to be a talented comedic songwriter. Starting off her morning routine with some daily affirmations to Savage Garden’s ‘Affirmation’, there was a junk food spin to the lyrics which set the tone of her Stinky Pig persona. This show of lyrical strength continued when Clark performed three separate styles of genre from nasally punk, to obnoxious hip hop, and even threw out a little rap.

Audrey Clark showcased that she has a lot to offer the comedy world.

Key moments lacked cohesion however, the Stinky Pig element never felt implemented beyond the opening and closing one liner and the direction the show ended in felt disconnected. There were probably too many balls in the air that Clark never allowed herself to fully explore each one effectively.

Highlights of Clark’s performance was a red-hued reading of a horror with farcical elements. The protagonists name, Thomas Said, lead the way for fitfully silly puns and one liners to prop up. Another highlight, ironically, was Clark’s cancel culture skit, where pandering bigotry was instead replaced by the lamest of Dad jokes. The audience revelled in booing the “horrific” jokes on display as Clark spoofed cancel culture comedians.

Audrey Clark showcased that she has a lot to offer the comedy world. The Stinky Pig motif may be the idea that’s left on the cutting-room floor, but what remains is a talented comedian that has a lot to prove and is determined to show it.

You can find out more about Audrey by following her on Instagram @audreynotphotos

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