Cheap Thrills – Sydney Fringe Edition!

Guest writer Lauren Bacon-Fleming jumps on the Cheap Thrills September article for a special Sydney Fringe Edition! Read a snapshot of some of the best affordable shows to see out of the hundreds available.

While the world suffered during the past couple of years, art has re-emerged with a vengeance and the collective creatives raised the flag of freedom for a fully inclusive experience!

Sydney Fringe Festival 2022 and the artists involved have taken a stand to show that the creative arts will never be pushed aside and that now, more than ever before, art and self-expression is what we fundamentally need. With close to 500 shows at over 9 festival hubs across Sydney until the end of September covering every genre, there is something for everyone this year.

The name is Lauren Bacon-Fleming and I just want to share that I am a proud thespian and for the past 12 years I have found myself fully immersed in the world of creative arts both as a hobby and professionally. These days you will find me more behind the scenes running the show and this year’s festival is no different. This year I have had the honour to be a venue manager and would like to share some suggestions on what to check out that is under $40!

(Note: With so many shows to see, these are just a few highlights. I 100% recommend jumping onto the website to check out the whole program in more detail.


Accessible events celebrating Deaf and Disable Artists. Presented and curated by Sydney Fringe’s Access Coordinator Madeleine Stewart alongside the Sydney Fringe Access and Inclusion Panel located at 107 Projects Redfern until 17th September. This incredible inaugural micro-festival celebrates Deaf and disabled artists through a wide range of performances in an inclusive and accessible space for audiences and artist alike. Make sure you swing by as this hub offers Auslan, relaxed performances, a chill space along with audio described gallery tours! Tickets range from free entry to gallery to up to $43. 

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Crips and Creeps Comedy Show

A fully inclusive and accessible comedy show lead by the hysterical and powerhouse performer that is Madeleine Stewart. This comedy show celebrates comedians who are marginalised due to sexuality, race, gender or disability. Performances 14th & 16th September. Tickets $21C or $26F showing at 107 Projects Redfern.

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Apocalypse Please

A climate cabaret comedy musical show with original songs, stand-up, improve and burlesque. The fabulous Irene Nicola brings forward the rising tide of Armageddon on stage for discussion. This show was nominated for Best Cabaret Sydney Fringe 2019 and you don’t want to miss what new discussion points have been added for 2022. Tickets $30F & $26C at the Sydney Fringe Cabaret Club.

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Game Show

Game Show is classed as a stupid show for fun people to prove how smart they are. From the creative mind of Dale Morgan-Mawby, this show is completely interactive. This event puts the audience in control as they participate in a series of games made famous by shows like Wheel of Fortune, The Price is Right and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. With great prizes and entertaining hosts, Game show is completely different from anything else you’d experience at Sydney Fringe. Tickets $24.95F at the Emerging Artists Sharehouse – The Boom Boom Room.

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Editor’s Picks

Titanic: The Movie, The Play

I’m a big fan of movies, I’m a big fan of theatre, I’m a big fan of theatre based on movies. I’m an even bigger fan of theatre that spoofs the biggest movies!
So in that, I’d recommend Titanic: The Movie, The Play, a production that consistently is sold out wherever it goes. This year the production has anchored at the Sydney Maritime Museum.

Join aristocratic Rose and lowborn Jack as they discover love, loss and a lack of lifeboats on the ‘”unsinkable” ocean liner. The original costly iceberg is on the loose, and (spoilers!) not everyone will survive. But if you’re lucky, you might get to have sex in a car. Warning: contains Hollywood-ish special effects, that awful Celine Dion song and jokes about Billy Zane’s career. Brought to you by the high-energy, low-budget brains that presented “Speed: The Movie, The Play” in 2019.

Tickets for this one go over the Cheap Thrills budget by $9, but come on, who doesn’t want to relive that classic romance and argue about the most famous door in history?

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Garry Starr Performs Everything

Having seen Garry perform in the Melbourne Comedy Festival and nearly wetting my pants, I think it’s safe to say that this is a top recommendation from me. Garry Starr is wild, wacky and will make you laugh to tears. Come and see the show that started it all!

Disgraced actor Garry Starr defies his critics by performing every genre of theatre possible, thus saving the performing arts from its inevitable extinction. Starr tears through styles with little regard for personal safety and even less regard for art, proving his talents to himself, his adoring fans and those who dare question his ability.

Directed by Cal McCrystal (The Mighty Boosh, Paddington 1 & 2, One Man: Two Guvnors). Tickets are $39F or $32C.

Tickets can be booked at:

Check out all the other 496 shows available to see at the Sydney Fringe Festival by heading to


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