Cheap Thrills – Affordable theatre to see in August

It’s officially…August? August! What the heck? Eight months down and only 4 months until the festive season. Time sure does fly!

With the cost of living as it is, it’s time to be frugal with your cash. Luckily, we have some recommendations to keep you seeing theatre on the cheap. Welcome to August’s Cheap Thrills!

Charlotte is unfortunately under the weather, along with most of Sydney during the rampant flu season, so it’s my (Justin’s) turn to step up to the plate and offer you lovely bunch some ideas to see affordable theatre this month.

New to Theatre Thoughts and Cheap Thrills? Here’s the deal: this list contains some great theatre by great emerging artists for around $40. With each show, I’ve given a brief little spin on why you should spend the green on the production. There are recs for the theatre obsessed, the newbies, the tag along dates, and of course one or two shows you should splurge a little on.

For my turn at Cheap Thrills, I’ve gone for some shows that sound intriguing to me, those with some recognisable names attached, and as is my flavour, a good musical recommendation or two.

You can find tickets linked for every show by clicking their title. Now, start your theatre planning!
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400 years and counting Bill! Don’t roll your eyes at me. Okay, so you have PTSD from your English teacher cramming Romeo and Juliet down your throat, but it’s time to give a second chance to William bloody Shakespeare, the man, the myth, the legend!

Much Ado

Flight Path Theatre – until Saturday, August 13

Taking Shakespeare’s classic romp Much Ado About Nothing and shortening it, removing the allusions to war and replacing the Lords with the Boy Band, The Lordes, Much Ado is a riot! I’ve actually already had the pleasure of seeing this show, so I can tell you first hand, this – is – funny! If you’re up for a unique Shakespeare retelling with debauchery and some of the best independent theatre Shakespearean acting this year, then this is the one for you.

General tickets are $35. Concession tickets are $30. Or get a group of 5+ and score $30 tickets each.

A Midusmmer Night’s Dream

Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House – Friday 26th – Saturday 27th August.

Belvoir St Theatre joins with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to create something truly unique and magical. Starring Virginia Gay as Puck, this is surely one to lure in the Shakespeare aficianado for something new, or for those whose ears are fine tuned to orchestral sounds. Don your finest Opera attire, snag some cheap tickets and get on down!

Tickets start from $37 in the Upper Circle. If you feel like indulging, the ticket price can get a bit heftier. Be quick, they’re selling fast.

For the Youngens – The Comedy of Errors

Sydney Opera House – Playhouse – 17th August – 17th September

After all our time seperated, The Comedy of Errors reminds us the beautify of reuniting with each other, with a solid dash of laughter along the way. As someone who knows the true gift of being able to use your age for cheap tickets, I highly recommend you use it while you can! This offer does (unfortunately) expire so get on down to Bell Shakespeare’s production of The Comedy of Errors to have a laugh and get your Shakespeare fix.

Under 30 and Under 18 tickets start from $48 premium.

Let’s Get Topical

The beauty of theatre is that it has the power to enhance messages and inspire social change. Here are a couple of shows looking to change the world.

How to Defend Yourself

The Old Fitz Theatre, August 11th – September 3rd

Seven college students gather for a DIY self-defence workshop after a sorority sister is sexually assaulted. This production has sharp humour, brutal honesty and goes deeper than physical violation that women face. In myself I constantly try to do better, to be better, and ultimately be an ally. Go see this production and make that change!

Tickets range from $34.69 to $46.94.


Flight Path Theatre – August 17th – September 3rd

In the words of Gordon Gekko, “Greed is good”…too old for that reference? Never mind, basically he was the capitalist villain in Wall Street. Labyrinth examines this notion, not in the USA, but a little further south: Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. We all know the recklessness of the banks, the debts that countries rack up, and now you get to see it all in theatrical form. If you’re a fan of Succession, you’ll enjoy the sharp wit of Beth Steel’s play – and it’s an Australian premiere, you lucky thing!

Tickets are $35 for general admission and $30 for Under 30’s.

Radiant Vermin

Chippen Street Theatre, August 3rd – August 6th

Are you also like me, crying into your pillow every night because you can’t get on the property ladder? Anxious that any day you’ll receive that letter that says your rent is going up? Never fear, cast your minds away from your own problems and go watch someone else deal with it instead! Radiant Vermin is a wickedly comic satire about a young couple offered a ‘too good to be true’ way onto the property ladder. Playful, provocative, and viciously sharp, this outrageous black comedy is a meditation on how far we will go to satisfy – and justify – materialistic greed.

Tickets range from $25 – $35.

Whitefella Yella Tree

Griffin Theatre Company – August 26th – September 23rd

A queer love story set in…colonialist times? Often, those two things don’t quite correlate, but of course it existed! Recently speaking to Dylan Van Den Berg about his new play Whitefella Yella Tree he wanted to take a social cause and provide a comment on queerness in the Indigenous community. You can listen to our conversation on our podcast! It’s the early 19th century. Ty is River Mob. Neddy is Mountain Mob. And the earth they stand together on is about to be declared ‘Australia’.

Monday Rush tickets are available online for $20. Concession tickets are available for $46 and Under 35’s for $38.

Hey, I recognise that name!

If you, like me, tend to drift towards the familiarity, then perhaps these adaptations of named shows are the cheap thrills you need this month.

A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music

The Rebel Theatre – August 19th – September 11th

You’d bezoomy to miss this one! ATYP present the dystopian A Clockwork Orange at the gorgeously placed Rebel Theatre. Commenting on timeless themes such as free will, adolescence and humanity’s capacity for violence, this is sure to get your head raising. Let’s just hope they don’t show us that eye scene – if you know, you know.

Previews range from $40 – $50. Concessions are $45 and Under 26’s $40. Or splurge and pay the adult price of $60.

Who’s Afraid

Belvoir St Theatre – August 24th September 11th

25A are pumping out consistently solid productions that range from the surreal to the outrageous. Who’s Afraid is set to follow this tradition with the adaptation of the classic Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? We love a contemporary riff on a classic and this witty satire with its rapid pace and twist of humour is sure to be just that.

Tickets are $20 for previews and $25 for the season.

Treat Yo’Self

We all know that sometimes you just want to see that show, and you know what? THAT’S OKAY! So here are my top two recommendations to splurge that extra bit of cash this August, and of course, they’re musicals.


Sydney Opera House – Until September 4th

Yve Blake’s outrageously funny, uplifting and poignant musical is currently smashing it’s reopening on the Sydney Opera House stage. A tale for the little fangirl in all of us, this musical is joyous and will leave you literally dying from the booming sound design that turns the Opera House into a concert. You lit-er-ally have to buy tickets.

Tickets range from $59 B Reserve to $99 Premium. Today Tix releases rush tickets for $45 at 9am on each performance day – get on it!

Jekyll and Hyde

Hayes Theatre Company – Juyly 29 – August 27th

Okay, I am a little biased when it comes to the Hayes. However, I will always be gobsmacked at the shows they manage to perform in such an intimate setting. Jekyll and Hyde is the classic telling of the Professor with two sides. Focusing on the duality of good and evil, the stellar cast is set to blow you away with their vocals and unique twist on this classic musical.

Previews, Weekday Matinees & Tuesday Evenings
Full Price $72 | Concession $66

Weeknights & Saturday Matinees
Full Price $82 | Concession $76

Friday & Saturday Evenings
Full Price $89


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