There are voices in the heads of the Arcadians! BE MORE CHILL opens Friday

There are voices in the heads of the Arcadians! Is it just teenagers, or a powerful supercomputer?

Ever wondered what high school would have been like if you had access to a supercomputer chip that would make you cool, guide what you said and how you interacted? Well Arcadians Theatre is about to show you!

Jeremy is the social outcast of his high school. Along with best friend, Michael, they use their love of video games to navigate school life the best they can. So, to get close to his crush Christine, Jeremy does what any social outcast does. He joins the school play.

But then, while hiding in the bathroom, Jeremy runs into Rich, his bully. Rich confides in Jeremy that he used to be a loser like him, until he took a SQUIP: a high-tech pill from Japan containing a computer chip. Rich promises that as soon as Jeremy takes this, all his dreams of being popular and cool will come true. Jeremy decides that if he is to survive high school and get the girl, he must have his own SQUIP.

Add into the mix your typical high-school characters including the popular girls, the overly melodramatic drama teacher, the jocks, and of course the suave and manipulative SQUIP, will Jeremy survive high school? Will he survive the school play? Will Michael come out of the bathroom? And will Jeremy get the girl?

The original production of Be More Chill made its way to Broadway, after a regional theatre showing, and has garnered a legion of adoring fans since its premiere. The original Broadway production was nominated for 8 Drama desk awards and for a Tony award in 2019. The show itself is the perfect combination of catchy songs, funky dances, and hilarious comedy enough to transport anyone back to their high school days. This production features some of the best local talent and musicians in the region and showcases all the stage technology that will rival VIVID.

Originally set down to perform in 2021, Be More Chill opens at the Arcadians Theatre Group on Friday after battling through lockdowns and COVID interruptions. “It has been a long rehearsal process, with rehearsals being completed in person and over zoom, but we are so excited to bring this show to the Arcadians stage” Director John Reynolds said. “It’s such a fun show, and the cast bring the best energy to it, and I can’t wait for audiences to see it”

Be More Chill opens on Friday 10 June and runs until June 25 at the Miner’s Lamp Theatre in Corrimal.

So grab your tickets now and come get squipped!

Venue: Arcadians Theatre, Corrimal
Dates: 10th June – 25th June
Tickets: $25 Rush tickets for 10th and 11th June, $35 all other performances


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