Review: Urvi Went To An All Girls School – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022 (VIC)

Written and performed by Urvi Majumdar

Review by Lillian Gerlach

In an intimate room in the Mantra on Russell, Urvi Majumdar invited us on a nostalgia trip back to high school. She’s not the favourite child, the year 12 formal is a few years away and her goal is to be HOT! She flips through a comically big diary showing us reference images to go with her tales of hair removal cream, witchcraft and the sealed section of Dolly Magazine.

The show is full of short interludes where Urvi blasted pop hits from the 2000’s and lip synced passionately to them.There was also totally relatable re-enactments of Urvi arguing with her sister and mother. Urvi characterises her teen self well, a sassy, side fringe combing girl who loves bugs. While it was a little jarring to hear her yelling about how awful being a teen is, it definitely made me feel a bit more compassionate for my younger self. It felt very familiar and was really fun to look back on teenagehood with her. 

Urvi interacted with her audience really well, breaking off to speak directly to us, include us in her thoughts and laugh with us at the dramas of being a teen girl. When I was there, some of Urvi’s sister’s friends were in the audience, and Urvi did a great job of talking to them about her sister’s amazing achievements while keeping the rest of the audience in the loop. These improvised moments sometimes felt smoother than the actual show – some of the prewritten dialogue felt clunky and some of the jokes landed slightly left of field.

The finale had a shock twist that was so surprising that the whole audience gasped. All of Urvi’s hard work, hand-making her own prom dress, finally getting a boyfriend and a highly coveted invitation to the boy’s school formal suddenly gets stomped on by a surprise guest. It’s really worth seeing the show just to experience that moment!

Reviewer rating:

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Urvi Went to An All Girls School plays at the Mantra on Russell until 24 April. Find tickets from $20 – $28 here.

Follow Urvi Majumdar on Instagram @urvi_majumdar. Her podcast with Honor Wolff and Jordan Barr, sex and the sex in the sex can be found on Apple podcasts.

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