Belinda Giblin stars in new dark comedy Ghosting The Party

Griffin Theatre Company presents the winner of The Lysicrates Prize, Ghosting the Party, from Friday 6
th May to Saturday 4th June at the SBW Stables Theatre. Coming home from her sister’s funeral, Grace (Belinda Giblin) decides that at 87 years old… her time has come. She’s done with it all. She’s ready to leave the party. Her daughter, Dorothy, decides her mum is just depressed and makes it her mission to show Grace the beauty of living. But Dorothy is divorced, stuck in a dead-end job and estranged from her own daughter, Suzie, who lives halfway across the world.

Soon, Dorothy starts to worry that her mum might have the right idea. Pushing up daisies. Kicking the bucket. Ghosting the Party. The euphemisms are endless. For a phenomenon so certain and all-encompassing, humans are terribly good at looking for ways to avoid talking about death. It’s easy to forget that the concept of ‘checking out’ can be complex, contradictory – funny, even. Especially when an old lady with a bone-dry wit is involved.

Three generations of women face brutal questions of mortality in this uproarious pitch-black comedy from
internationally-renowned writer Melissa Bubnic (Boys Will Be Boys, Beached), with Griffin’s Associate Artist Andrea James in the director’s chair. Painted with poetry, unflinching honesty and an almost absurd amount of biting one-liners, confronting death has never been this (gravely) funny.

Director Andrea James said, “With the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill being hotly debated in the Upper House of NSW Parliament right now, Melissa Bubnic has dropped this cheeky and deeply-darkly funny play into the mix—from a sharp and unapologetic women’s perspective. Bringing the political into the intimately personal, Ghosting the Party highlights our boundless and universal capacity for caring in all of its messy, hilarious and domestic reality.”

DATES: Friday 6th May to Saturday 4th June
PERFORMANCE TIMES: Monday to Friday at 7pm; Saturday at 1pm & 7pm.
BOOKINGS: or (02) 9361 3817

PLAYWRIGHT Melissa Bubnic
DIRECTOR Andrea James
DESIGNER Isabel Hudson
STAGE MANAGER Madelaine Osborn
WITH Belinda Giblin, Amy Hack & Jillian O’Dowd

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