Have you ever looked at your life and wondered ‘what if’? Or considered how things might have been different if it hadn’t been for one small moment that changed everything? This is the idea we see explored in Theatrical’s new musical, If/THEN, playing this March 4 -12 at Chapel Off Chapel. 

“I think we’ve all had those moments in our lives, where we’ve wondered what might have been had we chosen a different path, or where we might have experienced something out of the blue that unexpectedly changed the course of our life forever. With more time on our hands over the last couple of years, chances are people have had more time to reflect on these ideas than they might have liked,” says Executive Producer, Andrew Gyopar.

Written by the same award-winning team behind the smash-hit musical Jagged Little Pill and Next to Normal, If/THEN follows the dual storylines of Elizabeth, a woman in her late 30s who moves back to New York City, the home of infinite possibilities, for a fresh start after a bad marriage and an even worse divorce. Worlds collide, and we follow both of her stories simultaneously, as she faces the intersection of choice and chance. 

Stacey-Louise Camilleri plays Elizabeth, and describes the show as a musical version of the popular 90s film Sliding Doors.

“It’s like Sliding Doors, the musical…that idea that your life can be significantly influenced by small moments that seem pretty inconsequential at the time.”

“At the start of the show, we see Liz choose between either a life of love or a life focussed more on career. So, in one timeline we see her prioritise her career over her social life and relationships, and in other she prioritises her relationships over her professional aspirations. And we see how these choices lead to really different outcomes for her,” Camilleri says.

If/THEN is set in the present time and explores themes of female empowerment and independence, friendship, relationships, sexuality, loss and motherhood. Full of unforgettable songs by Tom Kitt & Brian Yorkey, If/THEN is a dynamic investigation into what could have been and what might be, always based on the choices we make. 

“It makes you wonder, ‘if I could do my life over, would I make those same choices, knowing what the end result would be’”? Says Camilleri. 

Brought to life by over 70 passionate volunteers across all elements of theatre craft, the show promises to be an uplifting and moving experience for audiences. 

“Ultimately, the message of the show is to embrace all the chances and possibilities that come our way in this life, and take a leap of faith rather than wondering ‘what if’ and second guessing. It’s about moving forward and owning those choices you make along the way. Each day is another chance to start over. And after the couple of years we’ve all had, it’s a really positive and affirming message we can all relate to right now” says Camilleri.

If/THEN plays at Chapel Off Chapel from 4 – 12 March. 

Venue: Chapel Off Chapel
Dates: Fri March 4 at 7.30pm; Sat March 5 at 2pm & 7.30pm; Sun March 6 at 2pm & 7.30pm; Tues March 8 at 7.30pm; Wed March 9 at 7.30pm; Fri March 11 at 7.30pm; Sat March 12 at 2pm & 7.30pm.
Time: 2pm & 7.30pm performances
Tickets: theatrical.com.au/tix 

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