‘A Grain of Sand’ Explores Technology and its Role Within the Justice System

An original play by NIDA’s Ken Healey Innovation Writing Award Recipient Declan Coyle makes its worldwide premiere as part of KXT Bakehouse & Panimo Creatives’ debut arts festival.

How can we look at the wildflower,
When the seeds of the earth will be dead in an hour?

A Grain of Sand is a show where the audience plays judge and jury, in the trial of the century. Aedan is stuck in a room with Monica, an AI replication of his missing girlfriend. Committed to getting a confession from the clearly guilty party, a mysterious figure has Aedan trapped in a loop – living out his life with Monica again and again, waiting for something to crack. What Aedan doesn’t know is that the entire thing is being live streamed to a public audience, who will get to decide his fate. A Grain of Sand queries how justice can function in the public eye, and who gets to decide what is right in our technological age.

Queen Hades Productions is proud to present its debut work A Grain of Sand – an original play written by the 2021 recipient of NIDA’s Ken Healey Innovation Writing Award, Declan Coyle, and directed by Margaret Thanos. Making its debut as part of Panimo’s Pandemonium Festival, A Grain of Sand asks audiences to think about memory and who gets to have the final say on what is real.

Addressing topics like the fragility of masculinity, treatment of women, how justice can function in the public eye, and who gets to decide what is right in our technological age, this show promises 70-minutes of engaging excitement and dramatic tension.

An interactive play, A Grain of Sand involves the audience from the beginning, and makes them the decision maker of Aedan’s fate at the end of the show.

Opening Panimo’s inaugural Pandemonium Festival, Queen Hades Productions is excited to present a production that promises that no two nights will be the same. A combined effort between KXT bAKEHOUSE and Panimo, the Panimo Pandemonium Festival sees Panimo take over KXT in 8 weeks of kaleidoscopic mayhem presenting 15 new works by early emerging artists as well as workshops, developments and meet-ups.

With a limited run of 6 shows, A Grain of Sand stars Enoch Li as Aedan, Kelly Robinson as Monica and Susanna Pang as II. An exciting production looking at technology and its part to play in the justice system, this show is definitely not one to be missed!


King’s Cross Theatre
Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, 244-248 William St Kings Cross 2011

20 January 2022 – Thursday – 7.30pm
21 January 2022 – Friday – 7.30pm
22 January – Saturday – Matinee – 2.00pm
22 January – Saturday – Evening – 6.00pm
23 January – Sunday – Evening – 5.00pm
24 January – Monday – Evening – 7.30pm
25 January – Tuesday – Evening – 7.30pm

Adult: $35
Concession: $20

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