This latest production includes a slew of surprises and out-of-this-world special effects for its growing international audience – plus Australian school students, for whom Part 1 is on the HSC syllabus. It is also introducing a brand-new crew of actors to the joys of streamed performance.

All the company’s Sydney-based favourites are here!  

Charles Mayer (Richard III, The Tempest), Tristan Entwistle (Richard III, Julius Caesar), Alex Perritt (Two Noble Kinsman, A Winters Tale), Holly Champion (Richard III, Merchant of Venice), Geoff Sirmai (The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus), and Susan Jordan (The Merchant of Venice, Titus Andronicus) are bringing their incomparable talents to the Streamed Shakespeare’s newest production, Henry IV Parts One and Two.

The cast also boasts the exciting addition of newcomers Angie Gachomo, Ciaran O’Riordan, Sue Broberg, Amber Spooner, Alexandra Rigby, Rhiannon Rees, Lisa Hanssens, David A Attrill, and Matthew Mansell. Melbourne-based veterans Charles Mayer (Richard III, The Taming of the Shrew) and Fulisia Asalemo Dominic Tofete (Richard III, Titus Andronicus) are taking part and Jamie Collette from Canberra. Completing the cast is newcomer Sharon Grimley joining in from Peregian Beach on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The result is a genuine national production.  Rounding out behind-the-scenes with international flair, Streamed Shakespeare welcomes composer Paul Bremen and content designer Camille Tovee from Cologne, Germany and Nanaimo, Canada, respectively!

Alexandra Rigby, who plays both Sir Vernon and Gadshill, is over the moon to debut with Streamed Shakespeare.It was phenomenal to see a group of people creating and exploring the new medium of streamed theatre, and I knew I wanted to get involved. While live theatre is slowly returning, there is still uncertainty. With Streamed Shakespeare, the only uncertainty is our internet connections!”

Dodgy internet connections aren’t the only aspect of streaming theatre with which the newest company members must contend. Henry IV‘s production is adding spectacular visual and sound effects that are taking the genre boldly where no-one has gone before! This means the latest additions have a steep learning curve in terms of technology and the different acting techniques required for performing under these conditions. The physical aspect of setting up space is just one novel concern.  For actor Ciaran O’Riordan, rearranging his furniture to fit a greenscreen and balancing a tripod precariously on his bed has been an eye-opener.

Alex Perritt in Streamed Shakespeare’s Henry IV

Other actors like Amber Spooner are discovering the complexities of not occupying the same space as their fellow performers. “We have changing virtual video sets, sound effects, music, reverse cameras plus specific entry orders and aspects; so many technical things to think about quite apart from the other character you’re communicating with. I’ve definitely had to rely on my imagination much more this time around.”

Despite the challenges, there is plenty for actors to look forward to, including the chance to play many different roles. For actor O’Riordan, who plays the rascal Ned Poins and reluctant recruit Mouldy, the variety of characters is just one of Streamed Shakespeare‘s attractions.

As for what the future will bring, the cast is equally optimistic. As Queensland actor Sharon Grimly puts it: “I sincerely hope it’s not going anywhere! The opportunity to work with actors from all across the globe is one that doesn’t happen every day. The scope for producing theatre relatively quickly and potentially reaching huge audiences is a thrilling prospect.”

The addition of all this exciting new talent ensures Streamed Shakespeare is warping forward into the post-pandemic world with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and innovation. With such a brilliant outlook, the company’s future seems as bright as the stars in the night sky.

Streamed Shakespeare presents Henry IV Parts One and Two
Fri 16 April 7pm (Part 1), Sat 17 April 2pm (Part 1) 7pm (Part 2) Sun 18 April 2pm (Part 2) Fri 23 April 11.45am (Part 1), Sat 24 April 7pm (Part 2)

Tickets (per household): $20 per play or $30 the double bill
www.streamedshakespeare.com or www.trybooking.com/BOMIP
For school bookings, contact

To learn more about Streamed Shakespeare, please visit www.streamedshakespeare.com. You can watch past performances on thier YouTube channel or view The Merchant of Venice and Richard III as video on demand via TryBooking. 

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