AUDITIONS – The Clean House at Wollongong Workshop Theate (WWT)

The Clean House is a piece written in the genre of magical realism.

It’s a comedy about cancer, death, and love that dares to laugh in the face of trauma and celebrates the beautiful chaos of a messy life.This theatrical and wildly funny play is a quirky comedy centered on Matilde, a young Brazilian cleaning woman who hates to clean and would rather be a comedian. Matilde works for Lane, a sharp doctor who is perfectly satisfied with her structured life. Lane’s sister Virginia loves to clean and sets up her own deal with Matilde, hoping that Lane doesn’t catch on. But Lane’s attention is diverted when she discovers that her coworker and husband – Charles – is leaving her for his patient, the older and vivacious Ana.

Please note that the casting process will be gender blind

AUDITIONS – 17-18 April

REHEARSALS – Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning 27th April

SHOWS – 16-31 July

VENUE – Wollongong Workshop Theatre, 190 Gipps Rd, Gwynneville (NSW)

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