New innovative theatre experience, ‘Wonder Wall’, premieres at Coniston

Wonder Wall, opening in Coniston’s Phoenix Theatre on Friday (19th March), is a sensory surround experience. Audience members who have previewed the production state, “Wonder Wall written by the highly regarded Thomas Peach, will take the audience on the journey of three hospital patients, unable to move, as they deal with the trauma they’ve been facing with humour, connection and deep introspection. Wonderwall is no ordinary play but rather an intense audio and visual experience.”

“Let us take you on a compelling psychological journey in this unique theatrical experience. A little like a radio play, the audience will be will be seated amidst the sound and story with abstract visual effects to bring you right into our world,” says Peach.

Don’t miss this locally written and produced piece of theatrical magic. An immersive psychological experience unlike any other.

March 19th – April 3rd
Tickets: $25
Concession: $20


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